Halita Tongue Cleaner

Halita Tongue Cleaner

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Eliminates the bacteria film that is formed on the surface of the tougue.



    It consists of two faces: one with a corrugated profile adapted to the central depression of the tongue, and the other with a smooth profile to clean the lateral parts.


    The largest amount of bacteria in the oral cavity accumulates on the tongue. This is why it is important to remove the film of bacteria and food scraps that accumulate on the tongue daily. This cleaning helps prevent the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria that produce smelly gas (CVS). HALITA® tongue cleaner allows easy cleaning of the tongue.



    Clean the central part of the tongue using the face of the tongue scraper that has a protruding part.


    Hold the tongue scraper by the handle so that the protruding part is facing downwards.


    Pull out the tongue and insert the tongue-lick into the mouth, trying to reach the furthest part of the tongue. Scrape the tongue in the middle towards the front of the mouth.


    Rinse the tongue cleaner with water.


    Clean the side parts of the tongue using the smooth side of the tongue scraper.


    Rinse the tongue scraper after each pass.


    Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to finish.