VITIS Anticaries Toothpaste

VITIS Anticaries Toothpaste

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VITIS® anticaries is the first anticaries toothpaste to protect and repair enamel deep down, thanks to its hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, natural element of teeth, which combine and integrate with tooth enamel. Its formula also includes fluoride and xylitol for maximum caries prevention.


    • Thanks to DENTAID Nanorepair® Technology:

    • It ensures full integration of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles with tooth enamel* to therefore:
    • Repair grooves, cracks and imperfections of the enamel surface, deep down.
    • Strengthen demineralised enamel.
    • Forms a protective coating that is resistant to the attack by acids present in food, which erode and weaken tooth enamel day after day.
    • When combined with fluoride, fluorapatite crystals form, which are less soluble in acids than hydroxyapatite, making teeth more resistant to caries formation.
    • -Strengthens and fortifies enamel

      -Remineralises enamel

      VITIS® anticaries toothpaste does not contain gluten, and is therefore suitable for people with celiac disease.

      * Proven efficacy, DENTAID Research Center, 2014.

      VITIS® anticaries, with hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, fluoride and xylitol, is the only toothpaste with 3 specific mechanisms of action for the prevention of tooth decay and protection against dental erosion.

      VITIS® anticaries:

      -Repairs damaged enamel, deep down.

      -Forms a protective coating that is resistant to erosion.


    • Brush your teeth with a suitable toothbrush three times per day or after every meal.


    • Hydroxyapatite nanoparticles: Repair and strengthen enamel, thereby preventing tooth decay. Remineralise enamel. Form a coating that is resistant to dental erosion when pH is low. Whitening properties.

      -          Sodium monofluorophosphate (1,450ppm fluoride ion): Remineralises enamel and prevents dental caries.

      -          Xylitol (10%): Anticaries action. Provides a fresh feeling throughout the mouth.