VITIS baby Toothbrush

VITIS baby Toothbrush

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From the moment the teeth begin to erupt, they should be brushed to prevent the accumulation of bacterial plaque (dental biofilm). Brushing should be done by the parents, since the child does not have enough skill.


VITIS® baby toothbrush is a daily brush specially indicated for the daily oral hygiene of the baby's first teeth.


    It has ultra-soft, high quality Tynex® filaments for delicate cleaning that respects the baby's gums and first teeth. In addition, the height of the filaments is smaller to fit your mouth.
    The small and round design of the VITIS® baby brush head makes it possible to clean all the faces of the same blow tooth, making brushing easier.
    The ergonomic handle and with non-slip streaks, adapts to the adult's hand so that you can comfortably brush, and the narrow neck of the brush allows you to reach the entire oral cavity without causing discomfort for the baby.
    In addition, at the bottom it includes a hole to pass a tape in case you need better support by the adult during brushing or to pass a tape with the baby's name.
    It is designed in white.


    It is advisable to brush your teeth twice a day. In case it can only be done once a day, the ideal time is before bedtime and after bathing, since both the baby and the parents may be tired at the end of the day. It is recommended to accompany it with games or music to make the experience more enjoyable.


    VITIS baby toothbrush is indicated for daily oral hygiene of the baby's gums and first teeth. It can be used from 0 years.