VITIS Hard Toothbrush

VITIS Hard Toothbrush

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VITIS® Hard is a brush with hard filaments designed to effectively remove the oral biofilm (bacterial plaque).


    VITIS® Hard is a daily-use brush with a normal diamond-shaped head that allows access to hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity. Its hard filaments and wavy profile, access to the interdental spaces, while facilitating cleaning around the gums.

    The neck of the VITIS® hard brush is malleable, so that it can be flexed to the position that best suits the mouth, thus favoring accessibility during brushing. The handle is anatomical and with anti-slip grooves to facilitate the use and comfort during brushing.

    In addition, it has a protective head cap that keeps the filaments grouped and in optimal hygiene conditions.

    Available in six colors: transparent, green, blue, red, yellow and lilac.


    • Brush teeth three times a day or after each meal, with circular movements from the gum to the tooth.




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