VITIS Junior Toothbrush

VITIS Junior Toothbrush

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VITIS® junior dental brush is a daily-use brush specially indicated for daily oral hygiene in children from 6 years old.


    The VITIS® junior brush has a small size head that allows reaching all areas of the children's mouth.

    Its filaments are soft, Tynex®, with rounded and textured ends eliminate bacterial plaque (dental biofilm) effectively without damaging tooth enamel or gums. Presents the monotip attack zone, to eliminate the most resistant bacterial plaque.

    Its narrow neck allows to reach the whole oral cavity without supposing a discomfort for the child.

    The ergonomic handle with non-slip grooves of the VITIS® junior brush fits perfectly in the hands of children of this age. It also includes a hole to pass a tape in case you need to identify the brush with the child's name or for a better grip.

    The VITIS® junior brush incorporates a protective head cap that keeps the filaments grouped and in optimal hygiene conditions allowing rapid drying.

    Available in four colors: blue, orange, purple and green.



    • Brush your teeth carefully 3 times a day, at least 2 minutes, preferably after lunch and before going to bed.

      Apply an amount of 1 to 2cm of a suitable toothpaste such as VITIS® junior toothpaste gel.




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