VITIS orthoWax

VITIS orthoWax

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VITIS® orthodontic wax acts as a cushion to prevent irritation or abrasion caused by the orthodontic appliance and also to alleviate painful situations.

The wax can be used whenever you feel discomfort during treatment.



    VITIS® orthodontic wax is applied to the various orthodontic appliances on the outside of the teeth (brackets, arches or metal bands) and which, therefore, can cause injury by rubbing with the tongue or with the inside of the cheeks. The wax acts by creating a thin protective layer that prevents injury.



    VITIS® orthodontic wax is recommended for all those who wear orthodontic appliances. It is recommended to use it for the first few days after applying the orthodontic appliance and after the various adjustments. Its use is also useful, in case of breakage of the elements of the orthodontic appliance, before contacting the dentist.




      Spread the wax over the orthodontic elements causing discomfort so that a protective layer is created on them.



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