VITIS Perio Toothbrush

VITIS Perio Toothbrush

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VITIS® perio is a toothbrush that is specially designed for removing oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) in people with periodontal problems or wide interdental spaces.

  • Specific cleaning for periodontal treatments or wide spaces.

    VITIS® perio is a daily use toothbrush with more space between tufts (group of filaments) in the brush head, allowing for increased access to wide interdental spaces; plus, its soft filaments and flat surface pattern are gentle on gums affected by periodontal disease.

    The neck of the VITIS® perio toothbrush is flexible, and can be bent to the best position for your mouth, to improve brushing access. The handle is ergonomic and offers antislip grooves for easy use and a comfortable grip during brushing.

    Its protective cap keeps filaments grouped together in optimally hygienic conditions.

    Available in six colours: transparent, green, blue, red, yellow and purple.


    Brush teeth three times per day or after every meal, using circular strokes from the gums toward the teeth


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