VITIS Soft Waxed Dental Floss

VITIS Soft Waxed Dental Floss

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VITIS® Soft Dental Floss with Fluoride and Mint effectively and painlessly reduces oral biofilm (bacterial plaque) that accumulates in the interdental spaces and gum margins.


    VITIS® Soft Dental Silk with Fluoride and Mint is specially designed to eliminate the remains of food that accumulate between the teeth thus preventing the appearance of caries, gingivitis and periodontal diseases. Silk, made up of 12 grouped fibers, contains microceres that facilitate sliding through the narrowest spaces. Its fluoride content also strengthens the enamel in hard to reach places.

    Upon contact with the saliva, the fibers acquire a cottony texture, guaranteeing painless cleaning and preventing possible soft tissue trauma.


    VITIS® Soft Dental Floss with Fluoride and Mint is indicated for daily oral hygiene, after brushing.


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    Firmly hold a piece of about 40-50 cm of VITIS® Soft Dental Floss with Fluorine and Mint between the index and middle fingers of each hand leaving about 2-3 cm free in the middle.

    Introduce the dental floss between the teeth with a gentle movement of the saw.

    When the silk reaches the edge of the gums, bend it against one of the teeth and slide it gently into the space between the gum and the tooth until resistance is noticed (never apply violently).

    Repeat the operations with all the teeth using a clean piece of silk for each one.