One goal motivates us: to improve the Oral Health of all people

About us

Dentaid is a leading company in the dental hygiene sector and founded in 1980, was created with a clear mission: to investigate, develop and commercialise products aimed at diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases produced by dental bacterial plaque, by either physical, chemical or biological means.

Our aim is to improve the oral health of the general population by creating products that not only offer the best solutions but that are backed scientifically by dental professionals and recognised by consumers.

Revolutionary research enterprise

Our Essence

The most innovative solutions

The unique combination of state-of the art technology and a team of highly qualified staff members permits us to consistently guarantee top quality products.


Our strong stake in Science and relentless Innovation brings Oral Health to people with the support of dentists, dental hygienists, pharmacists, universities and the scientific community alike.


We improve people's Oral Health by offering cutting-edge solutions – We work day in, day out with the support of professionals to get close up to the real problems people face and to meet their most demanding oral needs.


We aspire to continue advancing with a focus on the future without losing sight of our beginnings. Because that is where our essence lies - in the values that forge our character and that are reflected in all the actions we carry out.


Because, through research and 

development, we transform Science into new Oral Healthcare solutions.


Because improvement can only been reached through rigour and perseverance.

And improvement gives rise to the qualityour people deserve.


Because only by cooperating will we overcome our challenges. Therefore, we take social awareness in each of our actions and take care of the environment.

The Team

Highly trained professionals

Dr. Safwan Nached


John Michel Delos Reyes

Line Sales Manager

Mohammed Jaouni

Senior Medical Representative

Joseph Cornell Gutierrez

Medical Representative

Sohayb Zallam

Senior Medical Representative

Mohamed Abdelnaby

Medical Representative

Dulce M. Coleta

Product Specialist

Rafal Bahaa Al Shawi

Medical Representative

Rasha Waheed Aziz

Medical Representative

Andrew Bishai

Medical Representative

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