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The most complete brand of interproximal brushes and gel specially designed to remove bacterial plaque from interdental spaces.

Did you know that a toothbrush only cleans 60% of the tooth surface?

The remaining 40% resides in the interproximal (interdental) area, where biofilm accumulates, causing the most common oral diseases including tooth decay, gingivitis and halitosis

Discover the wide range of interprox interproximal brushes and gel


Ergonomics and flexibility to fit every interproximal space.

Flexibility, comfort and precision.


Rigid handle and slanted head for comfortable cleaning of interproximal spaces in the back of the mouth.


The accumulation of oral biofilm, or bacterial plaque, in the interproximal spaces can cause major diseases and problems in the mouth, including caries, periodontal disease and halitosis. 

  • 78% of caries are of interproximal origin. 

  • More than 60% of the population suffers from gingivitis.

  • 60% of cases of oral halitosis are due to the accumulation of biofilm in the interproximal spaces  

  • 4 out of 5 people with implants suffer from peri-implant mucositis 


Visit the Interprox website to find out about the product range and get more information about interdental hygiene. 

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