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VITIS is the broadest and most specialised range of manual and electric toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental flosses and tapes. An oral hygiene brand that, thanks to the efforts made in the research and development of new products and formulations, adapts to everyone’s mouth in every situation.

Discover the wide range of VITIS

oral health care products

VITIS whitening

Effectively whitens and prevents dental sensitivity. 

Effective after 10 days of use.

VITIS gingival

Daily gum care for people at risk of developing gingivitis.

Early signs:



Bad breath

VITIS anticaries

The 1st anticaries product to protect and repair enamel deep down, thanks to Dentaid technology nanorepair.

VITIS orthodontic

Care and protection for orthodontic appliance wearers

VITIS sensitive

Innovative and effective technology for the best possible care of your patients with sensitive gums and teeth.

VITIS junior

Discover how to take care of your kids oral health. Starting from the signs of teething.

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