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PERIO-AID Active Control

  • For before and after in-office dental care

  • For cases of excessive dental plaque formation (oral biofilm)

  • When proper brushing and oral hygiene are not possible


Periodontal Control, Actively controls oral biofilm. Long term use 

0.05% CHLORHEXIDINE + 0.05% CPC 


• After in-office dental care 

• For excessive dental plaque (oral biofilm) formation 

• When proper brushing and oral hygiene are not possible 

Long term use up to 6 months

After performing a correct phase f treatment the risk of relapses must be also controlled. It is possible that still remain in the oral cavity some specific bacteria that should be controlled.

During this phase, a chemical control with active principle antiseptic at lowe concentrations is needed in order to avoid relapses od the periodontal disesase.

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